Your Events, My Passion

Your Events, My Passion

I’ve worked for a number of hotels & businesses and been involved in travel & tourism both at home and abroad for a while now. During this time I’ve come to realise that a lot of people quickly find themselves lost or confused when it comes to planning events. Even seemingly simple occasions, like birthdays, can send people into a spin when they start thinking of all the little things they need to consider; venues, menus, invitations & balloons. Not to mention keeping track of who has special dietary needs, or needs wheelchair access.

Having built a career helping people overcome all these challenges, and having built up a good network of suppliers in the process, I decided that I should put my knowledge to use by setting up a new business dedicated to getting people exactly what they want without the worry of learning everything new.

Introducing SC Events, the one place you need for helping organise everything from a birthday party for your kids to planning your perfect dream wedding. I can put you in touch with venues, caterers, bakers, florists, photographers, videographers and so many more. I will help guide you through the booking process, review contracts, remind you when you need to make payments and even look after everything on the day of your event.

Hopefully, this blog will give you some inspiration, but if not, don’t worry because I have lots of ideas to ensure that whatever you’re planning it goes off just right.

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