Planning for your Wedding

Planning for your Wedding

The two of you have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. The question has been asked and the answer given. You’ve told all your friends and family and, after you’ve shown them the ring, they’ve all asked the same question: “So, when’s the wedding?”

Maybe you’re planning on a long engagement, maybe you haven’t planned that far ahead. It really makes no difference, but you should probably start thinking about it sooner rather than later.

A survey run last year by popular wedding website revealed that couples in the UK now spend, on average, £27,161 on their wedding (a 9.6% increase on the previous year!) With 32% of couples paying for their own wedding, its worth making a plan now of what you want and how much you’re prepared to spend.

According to the survey, the biggest expenses include:

  • The venue: £4,354
  • The honeymoon: £3,630
  • Food: £3,353
  • The engagement ring: £2,084

You also need to think about; dresses and suits, entertainment, flowers, balloons, photographers, car hire, the cake and more. Not to mention all the little extras people often forget, like; favours, table decoration and invitations.

Start by making a list of things that are important to you both and go from there. Keep in mind that there are generally three areas that have the greatest effect on what you spend


Picking the right location is important as it should say something about you as a couple. Wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes and while a big church wedding is the classic choice, there are any number of stately homes that offer full wedding packages under one roof. It’s easy to be wowed so make sure you visit several venues before making your mind up.


To some it’s obvious but for many it comes as a surprise that the date you get married on can have a significant impact on who much you spend. Most suppliers tend to be busier around the middle of the year and so charge more during these periods. An autumn wedding, while not as popular as a summer wedding, can make for stunning photographs with the warm oranges of fallen leaves. Or how about an ice-themed winter wedding? Picking an “out of season” date can save you thousands of pounds.


The number of guests you invite has a big effect on the price of your wedding. But even this can be less obvious than you think. Many venues will have a “minimum cover” charge meaning that you could end up paying for 60 guests even if you only have 50 actually attending. These sort of details are often, intentionally, tricky to spot.

Help is a hand!

Enlisting the help of a professional, like me, can make negotiations easier as we’re experienced in dealing with hotel event managers and know to ask questions that you may not consider or may not be comfortable asking yourself.

Get in touch to discuss what’s important to you and start making a plan for the most memorable day of your lives.

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