Sweet Tooth

Since I got married on 29th June 2018, I have had the greatest interest in sweets and sweet buffets. We had one at our wedding and other other events, these have always gone down a treat with our guests. This is why I decided to offer this service as part of SC Events. The colours…
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Planning for your Wedding

The two of you have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. The question has been asked and the answer given. You’ve told all your friends and family and, after you’ve shown them the ring, they’ve all asked the same question: “So, when’s the wedding?” Maybe you’re planning on a long engagement, maybe…
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Your Events, My Passion

I’ve worked for a number of hotels & businesses and been involved in travel & tourism both at home and abroad for a while now. During this time I’ve come to realise that a lot of people quickly find themselves lost or confused when it comes to planning events. Even seemingly simple occasions, like birthdays,…
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